Build a Magnetic Referral System

The Magnetic Referral System is a complete process for building a referral based business or practice. It comes from 30 years of practical experience and commitment to education on buyer psychology and neuroscience. The Magnetic Referral System is a integrated module of the Client Focused Advisor program which is developed to position you as the Trusted Advisor. It will enable you build consistency and volume in attracting and receiving referred introductions.

Our experience in sales, behavioral science and technology makes this program unique. Its design will take your business to the next level and make receiving referred introductions an automatic process, week after week, year after year.

The Magnetic Referral System includes:

  • A Step by Step road map for implementation.
  • All the tools including letters, surveys and communication templates that you can either customize or use immediately.
  • The Language and Training for optimizing each client experience based on Client Psychology, Neuroscience and the attributes of each generations.
  • The consulting and technology guidance for implementing and managing your system.
  • Target Marketing Design and Implementation.
  • Coaching support to build consistency into your referral program.

Each participant will receive a unique 27 page personal assessment, the Referral Assessment for identifying the issues necessary for building and accelerating implementation. This sales tool will help you quickly identify a client’s communications and decision style which will increase client receptivity and referred introductions by at least 25 – 50%, in less than 90 days. Each participant will also receive a 50 page “How to Guide for Implementing your Magnetic Referral System.

You will learn the logical and psychological approach for building a consistent referral based business.