Business Builder Curriculum

The Levelbreaker curriculum was developed to compliment and extend the basic training provided by many of the best Financial Services Companies and outside training resources who service the financial community.

Today’s market requires more and a different approach. It still depends on good activity but the activity model alone doesn’t work. The market is full of fear and confusion!  Advisors who better understand their clients and prospects needs, desires and preferences – will prevail.

Our training and coaching methods are consistently updated with the most recent information available on neuroscience, technology and human behavior, which when integrated into your prospecting and sales process can have a significant impact on increasing appointments, fact finders, referrals received, and sales results.

The Business Builder curriculum includes:

  • Hope is not a Strategy – The SECRETS of TOP PRODUCERS
  • Build your Ideal Practice
  • Magnetic Referrals – Build a Referral based business/practice
  • The Client Focused Advisor program
  • Developing Strategic Alliances
  • Selling to different generations
  • Strategic Marketing Program
  • How to implement a Social Media Strategy
  • Neuro Marketing Customization
  • Creating your Unique Value Proposition
  • Presentation Magic

* Some combination of these programs will be implemented based on client needs and objectives