Financial Management Testimonials

“Your efforts on our behalf are already generating tangible bottom line results.  You are truly responsible for helping us achieve all that we can be as individuals and as a company. Thanks for enhancing profits, improving sales and most of all, for helping us learn how to become the best that we can possibly be each and every day. Your program is already paying back dividends. We look forward to continuing our relationship and using your services.”

Daniel J. Mullane
CEO, The Advest Group 

“Paul has been working directly with associates of our firm since 2009. His impact can be seen indirectly through the greatly improved culture of our firm and directly in the sales results of the associates he coaches. On average, the associates who currently work with Paul have seen their productivity increase by more than 55% over the last 12 months.”

Jeff Ritter
Managing Partner, Midwest Financial Partners, Inc.

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend you to any General Agent or advisor interested in improving their agency and productivity… You were our marines that helped us make the transition to a full service agency. I really saw your efforts materialize this past year as many of the agents reaped the benefits of implementing many of the marketing ideas & sales strategies that started in your weekly workshops and coaching sessions. The agency broke all records for Life, DI and annuity sales.”

Daryl Brockman
Managing Partner , John Hancock

“Your ‘Hope is not a Strategy’ presentation at my annual kickoff meeting was fantastic! You hit a home run with virtually all of the 70 Agents who attended. Your message, materials, content and approach exceeded my expectations. Your program accomplished exactly what I hoped it would accomplish. As you know, many of my senior agents are motivated and excited to work with you personally. I will be passing your name along to others that need to have a speaker/facilitator energize their organization. The great thing about you, as compared to some other speakers, is that you walk the walk: you’ve been up the corporate ladder, you’ve sold, you’ve coached and you’ve established an entrepreneurial business. You are qualified to speak about the things you do. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and transparency in speaking with our organization.”

Warren A. Negri
Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

“Your impact as part of our General Agency and leadership team during my tenure as General Agent/Managing Partner was tremendously appreciated by everyone most especially, yours truly. Your support of my efforts to build the Manchester Agency has been nothing less than outstanding. I am most proud of the coaching support you provided to Jeff Photiades is at a significant turning point in his career. Jeff, now a 15 year veteran, is one of the top producers in New England for The Northwestern Mutual. Your continued coaching support to Greg Telege, our annual leader for over 15 years, further demonstrates your value.
Richard L. Rawlings
CLU, ChFC, Managing Partner, Retired, NMFS

“The time & money invested in your Level Breaker™ program is an investment in the future which will pay itself back ten-fold”

Steve Freeman
LUTCF,  Prudential, BM

“Your program accomplished exactly what I had hoped it would. We’ve woven your amazing psychological keys to sales success into our weekly role-play sessions and the results are already noticeable. It’s amazing to hear the consistently positive feedback from my representatives when they talk about using your strategies in the field. The overall responses have been a resounding, “tremendous!” Even my most senior advisor, who is Million Dollar Round Table qualified every year, has been blown away by the Goal Achievement workbook piece that you walked us through.”

Will Smith
Sales Manager, Capitol Financial Solutions

“Paul’s ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’ was a great program. The feedback I have received from the group was very positive. I strongly endorse Paul’s program for any sales team. Paul is a great motivator who provides excellent information and tools for exceptional results.”

Abdus Sikder
Managing Principal, NY Financial Partners

“I wanted to thank you for coming to Boston and sharing your ideas and growth with our associates. Many of the associates have commented on how important your material was to gain a deeper and better understanding of their sales techniques and the styles of their clients.”

Dave McAvoy
General Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding training program you provided to my district. The results were truly outstanding with the course participants out producing the non-participants nearly three to one. I believe the modular approach, interactive participation, and reinforcement you have provided have been the key determinants. I continue to receive positive feedback from each agent who continue to utilize the workbooks, tips, and audio tapes you have provided.”

Dave Orfalea
District Manager – Prudential Insurance

I want to take this time to personally thank you for your time in sharing your systems with myself and my agents. In a professional career like financial services where intangibles are the products, it is very valuable for us to recognize the different types of behavioral styles that we see and sell to every day. You have made us aware of them and now we have the prescription for compatibility. I have seen a positive change in my agents due to the morning mentor program with all its inherited benefits. We will continue to reinforce the use of our workbooks and cassette tapes. It is my plan to share you with as many people as I can, because your worth it. Thank you for being a part of our continued success here at MetLife. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your company. I wish you much health and happiness.”

Jeffrey M. Rifken
Branch Manager METLIFE, MDRT

“Your presentation was fascinating.  I’ve been through these before in different versions but it’s been sometime since the last.  This should be a once a year process to force you to be intraspective and re-focus yourself. Last night’s conversations were full of D’s this and I’s that and S’es and C’s, it was pretty funny but obviously had made an impression on everyone. Thanks again and hope to see your full presentation in the future.”

Tim Howe
Senior Consultant, National Sales & Advisory Services – Advest

“The seminar that you put on in our firm, ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’ was a tremendous success! Just a quick note to say thank you for the tremendous job you did at today’s meeting.  A good number of attendees commented when leaving that your presentation was very informative – many who had to leave early said they were sorry to walk out because it was good stuff!”

Janice Stevens
Membership Director, NAIFA