Hope is not a Strategy

Hope is not a Strategy is a program that can be delivered to any size audience interested in developing a high performance company and culture. The one to four hour facilitated event can complement:

  • An annual kickoff meeting
  • A sales meeting
  • Top Achievers conference
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Development programs

Hope is not a Strategy is designed to be a catalyst for reaching and sustaining new levels of performance and satisfaction. The program reviews a high performance model, SECRETS, utilized by many of the Financial Services highest performing advisors, brokers and leaders.

This program is designed to:

  • Inspire and Motivate Advisors and Agents to invest in themselves and their practices
  • Teach the Best Practices and SECRETS of High Achievers.
  • Provide direction and reinforce the importance of commitment.
  • Breaking through the glass ceiling and existing comfort zones.
  • Help advisors and management identify and remove barriers for reaching their full potential, whether they are self limiting beliefs, needed competencies or changes in their strategies or habits.
  • Re-instill confidence in the importance of the role of a Financial Advisor to their clients
  • Introduce advisors and management to a human relations model that can have a profound impact on their ability to influence others including: clients, prospects, colleagues, staff and personal relationships.

Each participant receives a 27 page personal assessment  that can be used for improving marketing, sales, referrals, team development and personal relationships.

The Hope is not a Strategy presentation reinforces the Best Practices of Top Producers and is typically delivered in a one to two hour format. The goal of this presentation is to get agents and advisors motivated to make a “real” commitment to building their business and making the necessary investments in themselves and their future.

Prior to each program we conduct an in-depth interview with management to insure that the presentation reinforces the leadership’s philosophy and strategy.

The personal assessment provides each participant with a clear understanding of their own personal behavior patterns and the underlying attitudes and values that drive these behaviors.  Each report highlights their natural strength’s, limitations, areas for improvement, communications styles and personal preferences.

Management receives a copy of each participant’s profile which includes specific insights and tips on how to best motivate and coach each individual with personalized action plans.

The Hope is not a Strategy program utilizes the acronym SECRETS with each letter representing a key Top Producer characteristic:

Sense of Purpose – covers the importance of having a Vision, Mission and clearly defined Goals.
Excellence – Commitment to Education and Continuous Improvement.
Contribution – focus on client solutions and providing value.
Reflection and Responsibility – stresses the importance of feedback for building a high performance business.
Energy and Effort – how to manage your energy, staying motivated and focused.
Time Management – spending time on the right things and the right people.
Systems – needed for scaling and providing exception service, the key to client development and referrals.