Levelbreaker™ for Sales Managers

The Levelbreaker Coaching System was developed to teach sales managers how to transition from the traditional sales manager role to a more contemporary Sales Coaching model.

The Levelbreaker Coaching System was designed for both experienced or new entry’s to management.

The LB Coaching System teaches a methodology that engages each participant to get real commitments from each individual to implement the strategies and tactics necessary for meeting their personal and business objectives.

Motivation is personal and depends on many factors, so a cookie cutter approach usually doesn’t work. At the same time, as experienced leaders and managers, we understood that a system was needed to be effective, especially true if we have the dual responsibility of being a  producer.

The LB Coaching System for Leadership teaches a (7) step process that can positively impact the performance and commitments of new personnel, top performers or marginal performers, who may hitting their glass ceiling.

The Levelbreaker process enables you to facilitate the process to build personal commitment with the strategy, tactics and tools necessary to achieve their goals.

The Levelbreaker Coaching System includes (7) Steps:

1. Personal Strategic Plan – Personal Vision, Purpose and Lifestyle Goals.

2. Strategic Business Plan – Build or refine their Strategic Business plan and its alignment to their “Lifestyle” Plan

3. The Practice Assessment – this is where you look under the hood and review their current sales process, marketing, client development and referral systems, service methodology, staff/team issues, technology and Personal Rituals and Habits.

4. Strategic Marketing Program – like a master chef you are able to help each team member create a gourmet meal and put all the pieces together. You look at all the options, identify potential roadblocks, (business & personal) and create strategies to remove them.

5. The Strategic Implementation Process – is where we develop specific action plans, assign accountability, timelines and budgets. This includes their Client Service Program, Client Development Program, Tactical Marketing Program, Budgeting and Staffing Roles & Responsibilities.

6. The Execution Process – this is where the rubber meets the road. It includes developing specific and quantifiable activities that were identified in personal discovery process.

7. The Accountability System – options include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly coaching meetings to support your specific budget and growth objectives.

The Coaching for Leadership program includes all the workbooks, tools and roadmap to be an exceptional coach and the support required to implement quickly.