Professionals Testimonials

“Paul your change management strategies have continued to enhance the performance of our leaders and teams. Thanks for your support which has helped us to accelerate results, especially in the area of business development and team optimization. I look forward to opportunities to continue our partnership personally and with our clients.”

Neil Brigham
Senior Partner, KPMG

“I really found it AMAZING how insightful your assessmeny was.  In talking to a group of my peers, other Senior Managers here at KPMG Chicago, we all had one common observation: that while addressing the questions, we didn’t see how the resulting answers would lead to meaningful conclusions.  It was really quite surprising to go through the conclusions and see how accurate they were. As a matter of fact, we shared the report amongst three of us, and there were nods all around about whomever we were reading about. Thanks for this experience, Paul.”

Tim Shea
Partner KPMG