Annual Planning for Advisors

The highest paid and most successful advisors are strategic thinkers. They plan their work and work their plans. They know WHAT they are doing and WHY. They take the time to think through every detail of the business so they can be sure to make their numbers, on budget and on schedule.

Organized planning of goals and objectives goes hand and hand with high levels of steadypredictable sales results. Now in this intensive  program, financial advisors learn a practical proven process for setting and achieving their revenue and practice objectives more effectively than ever before.

This ten part workshop takes people through the entire process of strategic planning as it applies to building your Ideal Practice. It relates each area back to the goals of each individual and expectations of the organization. This interactive workshop puts together all the key elements of building your Ideal Practice and Acquisition strategy in one place and to create an Action Plan and Roadmap to follow, day by day, by week and month.

Financial Advisors learn how to develop a clear vision, a personal and business mission statement, based on the ethics and values that assure high quality customer relationships, satisfaction and retention.

Financial Advisors learn how to define their sales objectives in terms of both what they are and why they want to achieve them.  They analyze their clients, their products/services, their territories, their high-medium-low potential clients and their selling process. They analyze their market position, their competitive strengths and weaknesses and their personal areas for growth and self-development.

Financial Advisors then combine this information into specific daily, weekly and monthly plans of action. They create a “Roadmap” for themselves to become “focused specifics” rather than “wandering generalities.”

Strategic Planning for the Financial Advisors enables each individual to create a plan for self management in reaching their sales goals. It can also provide management with the awareness necessary to support the advisors in the achievement of their required results.

This program gives financial advisors and their organizations a key competitive edge that allows them to win more sales in an increasingly challenging marketplace.