The Business Builder Program

The Levelbreaker™ Business Builder program provides leaders and advisors with a system for continuous improvement and practice development. It provides Financial Advisers with a Strategic Roadmap™ and Levelbreaker™ Coaching to accelerate the design and implementation of their Ideal Practice and Lifestyle.

The Monthly Business Builder program provides:

  • Professional Development
  • Personal and Peer Accountability
  • Group Mastermind Collaboration
  • A forum for sharing ideas, strategies and tactics for building your business
  • Levelbreaker™ Tools to help you improve both production & lifestyle.
  • Facilitation and Coaching by an Industry Leading Coach

What makes the Levelbreaker™ Business Builder unique and different from the traditional Client Builder formats is its careful integration with the LB Client Focused Advisor curriculum and facilitation by an experienced Executive Coach.

The Levelbreaker™ Business Builder System includes:

  • Developing a Personal Strategic Plan
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Marketing Program Development or Refinement (includes tactical marketing)
  • Developing your Unique Value Statement and Language (tailored to the specific needs, wants and style of your market to improve prospect and client receptivity)
  • Best Practice Assessment – a systematic review of all the systems including sales, marketing, client development, technology and personal development.
  • Sales Strategy Coaching on specific client or prospect accounts and/or opportunities.
  • Weekly, Bi-monthly, monthly and/or Quarterly Accountability (options include live, video and/or teleconference)
  • The Business Builder Curriculum includes:
    • Hope is not a Strategy – The SECRETS of TOP PRODUCER
    • Magnetic Referrals
    • The Client Focused Advisor program
    • Selling different generation
    • How to implement a Social Media Strategy
    • Target Marketing Customization
    • Creating your Unique Value Proposition
    • Presentation Magic

* Some combination of these programs will be implemented based on client needs and objectives.