The Client Focused Advisor

The Client Focused Adviser program was designed to help advisers increase credibility, referrals, and results. TheCFA program integrates the latest research on buyer behaviors and neuroscience to improve client receptivity and trust. In the program you will learn specific steps to build trust and instant credibility.

According to the most recent research a buyer’s decision process is directly influenced by the emotion that you trigger by your approach. In his book, How the Brain Works, human brain scientist Leslie Hart states, “Much evidence now indicates that the old brain (first brain), which triggers the FLIGHTFIGHT or FREEZE response, is the main switch in determining what sensory input will go the new brain (logical) and what decisions will be accepted.”

What this tells us is that emotion rules over logic.

The Client Focused Advisor program integrates the latest understanding of neuroscience and buyer psychology and the importance of “personalizing” your approach to maximize your effectiveness with each prospect and client or any member of the decision nucleus for a more complex sale.

In the Client Focused Advisor program you will learn:

  • The right brain language that’s needed to create a positive perception.
  • How to accelerate the sales process and improve the predictability of sales results.
  • A scientific methodology to quickly discern a prospects values, decision style and preferences.
  • How to read a prospect in 30 seconds or less and adapt to their style and decision making preferences.
  • Choreograph your marketing and sales approach to each target market to increase buyer receptivity.
  • How to systematically build trust & credibility and accelerate the sales process.
  • A specific process and language to gain buyer commitment.
  • How to double activity by utilizing the latest understanding of neuroscience and buyer psychology.
  • The importance of informal and formal research to gain instant rapport to double your sales effectiveness.
  • How to build and implement a Center of Influence/Strategic Alliance strategy for consistent referrals.
  • Tailor your presentations to meet the needs of the TOP four buyer profiles and their “unique” mental filters.

Each Participant will receive also receive a 27 page personal assessment, a handy laminated reminder card to use daily, and a copy of the best selling book “Face Values” for addition ideas, insights and reinforcement.

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