The Levelbreaker Coaching System©

The Levelbreaker Coaching System© was developed hand-in-hand with Top Advisors and Leaders who wanted to build a full service, holistic practice and their Ideal Practice and Lifestyle.

The Levelbreaker Coaching System©  includes:

  • Develop your Personal Strategic Plan – Create your Life-plan that includes: Personal Vision, Mission/Purpose and Lifestyle Goals.
  • Build a Strategy and Implementation  Plan that’s aligned with your “Lifestyle” Vision. Like a master chef puts together a gourmet meal we help you put all the pieces together. We look at all your options, identify potential roadblocks, (business & personal) and create strategies to remove them.
  • The Practice Optimization Process is where we look under the hood and review all the key systems and practices for maximizing results including your sales process, marketing systems, client development system, service methodologies, staff/team, technology and Personal Rituals and Habits.
  • Strategic Implementation Program  is where we develop specific action plans, assign accountability, timelines and budgets.  This includes your Sales Plan, Client Service Program, Client Development (Referral) System, Target Marketing Program, Budgeting and Staffing.
  • The Execution and Accountability Process – this is where the rubber meets the road. It includes developing specific and quantifiable activities that were identified in the planning process. The Accountability System for tracking key activities can include daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly options for activity and performance management.

The Level Breaker Coaching Program is available in two formats:

  • One-on-one Coaching
  • The Business Builder Group format where it is often combined with advanced training modules that include: The Client Focused Advisor (CFA) Program©, The Magnetic Referral Program©, Presentation Magic© and Developing Strategic Partnerships©.